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Tazy (Tazi) √ for non-specialists it is a natural Saluki from middle Asian area. Their population is beginning from the Volga-river and goes far to the West to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. At the 70th years there were about 4 different types of Tazy, now thanks to crazy political and economical situation the breeding is in very dangerous position. The biggest problem is: now the home breeding areas of Tazy are politically separated and the kennel clubs are in a state of war about ⌠Where is the mother country of Tazy■. Russia has small breeding centers in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Tazy is selected for dzeren (dzejran) hunting, hare and fox (paired with hunting golden eagle). Tazy is the great specialist for catching gophers. Never used for wolf hunting.

The head is more triangle, ears are longer with long hair longer than ear border. Coat is very short and silky. Sometimes we can see a longer coat on the upper arms and sides of thighs. Tail has very rare flag; the hairs are shorter at the tail end. Tail has a ring on its end. Body is shorter than upper windhunds have; forequarters are less angulated.

Colours are pale, black, Agouti with or without light coloured tan marking or white. There can be ticking on white areas. Height in the withers: males are 60-70 cm and bitches are 55-65 cm.

by Dr. Marika Stanovoi

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