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Many connoisseurs affirm, that the parentage of the greyhounds can be looked after up to ancient Egypt, where the image of similar hunting dogs found on frescos in noble's tombs. However first certificates on delution of the greyhounds are dated 1770. From that time the stock-breeders have enclosed not few efforts to achieve the maximal rate and playfulness. It is necessary to tell, that it was possible to them - today greyhound is second on rate an overland animal after the gepard. On a distance it is capable to develop rate up to 70 kms / hours.

Externally greyhound is a mobile graceful dog with clever, sharp eyes. Its basic reserving is races and a hunting (coursing) however imany people hold its houses simply for pleasure, leaving on a hunt there not more then several times in one year.

The sizes : body height of the male 71-76 sm, bitch 68-71 sm. Weight of the male of 29-31 kgs, bitch of 27-29 kgs (roughly).

Colour an eye: dark, bright, clever.

Colour: the limitations are not present, as one-ton and piebald, with a black mask or without, with a white tie or without. The basic tone - red, yellow-brown, light-blue and black. Are possible stains and strips of all colours.

Wool: a wool soft, very short and dense. If the dog lives in the street, at temperature is lower 5 0 C at it occurs dense coat and winter dense wool. However in spring such dog begins to fade and becomes similar on spoiled by moth a fur coat.

Character: the normal greyhound is indifferent to the people or shows easygoing interest. Largest for that is possible from it to wait by way of protection is a preventing barking at strange hum or appearance strangers. And quite another thing - cat, rabbit, hare or hen, them of mercy to wait there is no - a jaw of the greyhound are arranged as a potent trap, to escape from which not simply.


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