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The field tests - always stirring time for the holder of the windhound. We are stirred also with an occurring with the aged friends from region, not seen the whole year, familiar fields and windbreaker(forest belt), nonconstant weather, from which as always we wait unpleasant surprises.
The rules of field tests you can see on page of our site (only in Russian). Traditionally before going in a field the the ex-terrier of dogs is examined . On these field tests as well as in past year dogs were examined by Working qualities expert L. Gorskaja.

On the first photo she is at the left. As you can see from photos, it is a lot of windhounds in region. This time we have cleared up, have clarified, whence they take. We have visited one of the regional dog's breeders and have seen growing up generation. It is a pity, that these kids cannot be named thoroughbred.

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