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It is obvious, that the dog's hunt was born much earlier, than gun's hunt. You see it is understandable, that the dog has appeared near to the man much earlier, than gunpowder and gun. Now, unfortunately, the dog's hunt wide-spreads a little. It is understandable classically to hunt with dogs, not bad to have except for 3-5 greyhounds 2-3 hounds, horse, stableman, kennelman and nearly 2000 hectares of plough-land.

The last blepharon the hunt with the greyhounds in an island (small wood file separated from the basic wood by intersections) was most wide-spreads. It refers to as complete, as in it, except for the greyhounds, take part a hounds. In this case people with grayhounds stay at edge of a wood or a little away from it, in scrubs, big grass etc., and on the other hand of the island people with hounds start up.Hounds comb a wood, and, by lifting an animal (the last blepharon the wolf was especially appreciated. After hounds there are people and cries also frighten off an animal, which at last gets out of a thicket, passes border and leaves for a net field. Here - that also start up of the greyhounds. Hounds, certainly, should remain in a wood, but it was already reached by special training. If the hunter is found on any erasion from woods (so the ambushes were usually arranged at the end of the last blepharon), he should wait, while the animal will reach him and only then to start up rack run after. Nose in a nose, towards, greyhounds never started up, as the catching in this case is improbable.

The second way of a complete hunt - driving on a ravine. Hounds under supervision kennelmen in this case start up by a bottom on ravine. They go and expel an animal upward, and at edge ravine it meet horse people with greyhounds.

The fans(amateurs) of a complete hunt were not dissapeared and today - for example I personally am familiar with the hunter from Salsk district, which holds of three greyhounds, three hounds and a pair burrow dogs. The third way of a complete hunt from here follows - burrow dogs expel the fox from a hole, and then greyhounds undertake it.

There were hunts and without participation of hounds. Most wide-spread - with so-called bawlers. From district collected the people and started them in a wood, as hounds. There were everyone, who is free from work: the woman, man, children. They rustled in a wood, went, banging by sticks on trunks of trees, and gradually moved to costing on edge of a wood people with greyhounds, and the most further occured, as in a usual hunt.

One more way - driving on hares on claps, when people, knocking and clicking by knouts, go round copses.

In the Offensive

Before Start

At last, way widely applied and until now: driving in ravninka, now more often speak in ravnjazhka. People with dogs are draw up a chain on distance 50-100 m from each other and comb all district. Before whom the animal will rise, that and starts up rack. The one who served in infantry should for certain remember training of a subject " a platoon in offensive " is looks just so. Only instead of armoured carriers behind a chain maturing a personal technique with the fans - from "Mercedes" up to army ZIL-131. This way today, perhaps, unique, short of a solitary hunt in naezdka. In many areas such hunt is conducted on horseback. However many instead of the horse successfully use jeep "NIVA" - simply drive on a field, and by seeing hare approach more close and let out dogs from the car.

However, not look. on all "improvements", the dog's hunt is more honest and noble, than gun. Here alive flesh of an animal competes not with steel and gunpowder, and with the same alive flesh of a dog. The hunt from destruction of an animal under the casual law turns to the factor of natural selection - in alive there are stronger and sharp animals, instead of fineer - which have less area of a defeat by shot.

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