Greyhounds in Rostov Region

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"Now, Chichikov," went on Nozdrev, "let me show you a truly magnificent brace of dogs. The hardness of their muscles will surprise you, and they have jowls as sharp as needles." So saying, he led the way to a small, but neatly-built, shed surrounded on every side with a fenced-in run. Entering this run, the visitors beheld a number of dogs of all sorts and sizes and colours. In their midst Nozdrev looked like a father lording it over his family circle. Erecting their tails--their "stems," as dog fanciers call those members--the animals came bounding to greet the party, and fully a score of them laid their paws upon Chichikov's shoulders. Indeed, one dog was moved with such friendliness that, standing on its hind legs, it licked him on the lips, and so forced him to spit. That done, the visitors duly inspected the couple already mentioned, and expressed astonishment at their muscles. True enough, they were fine animals. Next, the party looked at a Crimean bitch which, though blind and fast nearing her end, had, two years ago, been a truly magnificent dog. At all events, so said Nozdrev.

"DEAD SOULS" By Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol
(Trans. by D. J. Hogarth)
Etext prepared by John Bickers, .
*The Project Gutenberg Etext


In the Rostov area of the greyhounds it is a little. They can be divided into two groups: home (Sofa's) and field (rural).

Sofa's pet

Home ones - have got papers of the international sample, diplomas, medal, perfect ex-terrier the cared appearance, gentle paws and is usual bad endurance. After three-four hours of a hunt such dog first of all aspires to find the native owner's car and to be arranged on soft seat. But the appearance hare at once changes its plans. But the month conducted in a village, does paws firm, and claws short.

Greyhounds from a village

The rural dogs from the documents usually have only moustache, paws and tail reconfirmed by a crumpled paper with press of the same farm. The owner confidently tells, from what great stock has taken place his pet. Though the experts not always can agree with such affirmations - ex-terrier and the proportions of a body are different. Sides of such dog in scars, it happens that there are no also tails - them they freeze at the cold winter night in not heated dog-house. From the greyhounds on area also wide-spread khortye, and to what breed to relate the dog - is business of taste of the owner.


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